Veronica is a full-time markting + branding advocate, a wife and mami of 2, and a Florida native. As the daughter of two Cuban immigrants who lived the American Dream, she is fiercely proud of her heritage and constantly driven by her parents’ entrepreneurial spirits. She loves sparkling water, popcorn, and her power playlist. Her friends and family know her as V.

After ten years in the online marketing industry, she found her niche in the digital world, and more specifically, internet marketing: Personal Branding, SEO, Social Media, PPC, Wb Design and Development, Email Marketing, and Reputation Management. She is an effective, revenue producing leader with a focus on delivering world-class customer service.

If there’s one thing you should know about V, it’s that she thrives when multitasking. She founded and managed four online businesses, all while still being successful in full-time positions for industry-leading organzations like, Crexendo, and 180Fusion. She finished her corporate run, spending her last four years as the Director of SEO and then Director of Marketing Suite Products for Entrata.

Under her leadership, Entrata advanced its cross-functional success across its entire maketing product suite, generating over $21 million in annual revenue. In the meantime, she co-founded LoSoMo with her husband, Scott, and watched its phenomenal growth as she advised hundreds of brands over the last three years.

She stepped into her role as President of LoSoMo (now known as ModernMarca) with big dreams and big pants. Running a business is in her blood, and she’s thrilled to finally take the lead. In every position she has worked in, she’s had the opportunity to present moderate train and teach. sHE’s brOKen. Her work ethic drives honest, genuine, and open work relationships with both employers and clients.

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One of the best speakers at the event. Full of wit, insights, expertise. She packed a ton of info into a short time. I wanted her to keep going. She really knows her stuff-would love her to teach a pre-conference 3 hour workshop.

Veronica exceeded my local expectations. I’ve been to many local presentations over the last few years and they always seem to fall short. Veronica has a very robust understanding of local SEO and it shows in the way she comfortably speaks about the topic and the information she shared. Typically, local talks are too redimentary or ambiguous. Fortunately, this was not the case here. I was able to leave with tactical takeaways and a better understanding of overall strategy. I hope to hear her speak again next year.

One of the best speakers and one of my favorite sessions. I wish more people attended…they were missing out! Can’t wait to try some things I learned

Marketing Conferences:

With over nine years of marketing experience, you could say V’s kind of an expert! Her background in a variety of marketing fields gives her a unique perspective on the every faucet of the marketing industry. Most recently, Veronica has brought life to the subject with her international speeches covering a variety of topics in the realm of online marketing.

Advanced Search Summit – Napa

Veronica was one of 14 talented speakers that spoke at the Advanced Search Summit for their March 2018 conference in Napa, California. She put her expertise to use by focusing her conversation on Facebook Advertising and how she took top franchises and brands and turned their ROI models around at the forefront.

Digital Growth Unleashed – Vegas

At the Digital Growth Unleashed conference in Vegas, Veronica focused on the art of unleashing digital growth by collaborating public relation techniques into your digital marketing strategy. V highlighted how to efficiently create captivating customer experiences for thousands of business marketers in the audience.

One conference attendee commented on V’s presentation: “One of the best speakers and one of my favorite sessions. I wish more people attended…they were missing out! Can’t wait to try some things I learned.“

Search Marketing Summit – Sydney

In May 2018, Veronica took part in the 5-day Search Marketing Summit in Sydney, Australia. She was part of the Advanced PPC Workshop along with other marketing influencers. In her speech to Australia’s #1 Search Marketing Conference, V centered around advanced approaches to advertising on social media.

Digital Summit Series event in Tampa

Veronica had the pleasure of speaking at the Digital Summit Series event in Tampa, an event dedicated to influencing the future of digital marketing. Backed with her own real-world experience, she discussed methods on how to affect local search results… in other words, how to really take a bite out of the local search pie. Local search marketing and techniques are a huge part of where LoSoMo began, so V was able to tell her story of leaving the corporate world behind to pursue bigger and better things.

Content Marketing Conference in Boston

At the Content Marketing Conference in Boston, Veronica had the chance to speak to an audience about content writing. The conference took place in May of 2018 and focused on the evolution of content and its place in the world of marketing. She specifically focused her conversation on how to prepare for Google’s mobile-first index and what a checklist for real content success should look like.

Unbounce 2018 Call to Action Conference

Unbounce’s 2018 Call to Action conference was one of Veronica’s favorites. Not only did it fall on her birthday, but the conference organizer’s surprised her by singing happy birthday after she finished presenting to really kick off the celebration! She took part in the festivities and covered Facebook advertising, and how to utilize those tools to their fullest potential.

Franchise Conferences

Franchise marketing is complicated: you have to deal with both nationwide campaigns and localized marketing strategies, all while trying to get more potential franchisee leads. Veronica and her team have found actionable marketing solutions for Franchise Owners and their Franchisees that really work, and she has had the opportunity to share this knowledge with franchises across the country.

Marketing Masters for Franchise Owners

Veronica was chosen as the keynote speaker for a Marketing Masters group of Franchise Owners, put on by Welcomemat Services in Atlanta, Georgia. She worked with 10 different Franchise CEOs, Presidents, and Marketing Execs in an intimate setting to forecast the important future of local digital marketing for franchises of all shapes and sizes.

College Hunks Reunions

Veronica is a regular industry expert on the Digital Marketing Panels at the annual College Reunions for College Hunks Hauling Junk. She shares actionable SEO strategies and tips that Franchise owners and managers could start using that same afternoon.

GameTruck National Conference

Helping Franchises understand their opportunity for local digital marketing efforts is one of Veronica’s top priorities. She was pleased to present at GameTruck’s National Conference in Seattle, WA where she was able to share applicable advice with franchise owners, managers, and company execs.

ShelfGenie Annual Conference

Veronica joined the ShelfGenie franchise team at their 2016 Annual Conference in Atlanta, Georgia to forecast the future of local SEO. She had a blast imparting advanced industry knowledge with their community of digitally savvy franchise owners. (And she did it in style even 7 months pregnant – check out that bump!)

Industry Specific Conferences

The more specific the better—V loves finding success stories driven by industry specific results. Working within a specific industry lets her get down to the nitty gritty details and share digital marketing techniques that are tailored to that unique field.

Entrata Summit

V has had the opportunity to speak and moderate at the annual Entrata Summit Conference in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2017. She loves to delve deep into the data that drives real results from online marketing efforts. Her sessions covered topics like, “Online Marketing: Focusing on Data, Not Dollars,” “The SEO/SEM Battlefield,” and “Sticking it to ILSs” (internet listing services).

NAA Education Conference

There are few things V loves more than kicking butt as a successful woman in business, but getting to speak on a panel with 3 other successful women who are also kicking butt in the business world is pretty awesome. Together they shared wisdom about the importance and power of reviews.


What do residents want? V took a closer look at reputation management, ratings and reviews while speaking at the 2016 Washington Multi-Family Housing Association Conference in Seattle, WA. She covered how, when, and why of posting on social media and managing ratings and reviews.

Fogelman Conference

Veronica tackled all things SEO with the Fogelman team in Birmingham, Alabama for their 2016 Annual Conference. She helped this successful Property Management company discover their potential in gaining more leads through the latest online marketing strategies.

PSI Apartment Internet Marketing Conference (AIM)

In 2015, V asked this important question: Why haven’t you addressed your SEO problems yet? Unbeknownst to AIM attendees, Veronica provided a random sample of 25 attending firms to a recognized SEO expert for a down-and-dirty audit of just the basics: meta-tags, form pages, keywords, and page titles. The results? Only ONE firm passed basic training.

Community Conferences

Being an active part of her local community is very important to Veronica, and she loves getting to interact with other business owners in Boca Raton and South Florida. Small businesses who need help understanding the vast world of SEO are the reason that LoSoMo began and they continue to inspire V to share that world with those who are in her area.

Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce – Successful Woman in Business Presenter

Being a member of the Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce has been such an asset for the LoSoMo team and has helped them build many relationships with other local businesses. Veronica a wonderful time presenting on all things online marketing related at the Successful Women In Business (S.W.I.B.) Luncheon hosted by the Chamber in July.

Business Network International (BNI)

Veronica and Scott joined the South Florida Chapter of the BNI Business Exchange not long after moving to Florida. Veronica was able to present multiple presentations and tips on the importance of online marketing and help many fellow members with their digital marketing strategies.

Lauderdale Yacht Club

Veronica was invited by the Ft. Lauderdale Yacht Club to be keynote speaker at their luncheon in September. She enjoyed sharing the basics of online marketing with a wonderful group of business savvy women at a beautiful venue.

Better Business Bureau

The BBB asked Veronica to speak on a panel of Florida Accredited Business Owners about BBB’s value in the current market place. Veronica shared why being a part of the BBB is still a key factor of local online marketing and how membership there continues to stand its ground among other review sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Facebook.


There’s nothing quite so exciting as sharing with and learning from the next generation of marketers and entrepreneurs. Veronica loves finding opportunities to get in the classroom and work with students and fellow educators. Taught from an early age to focus on the importance of lifelong learning, she feels there is no better way to inspire continued learning than to go back to school!

Young Entrepreneurs Academy

V loved working with some of the outstanding students at the Young Entrepreneurs Academy in Boca Raton. She was able to teach a class that gave valuable insight into e-commerce, website design, SEO, and just being a young entrepreneur in general.

Florida Atlantic University

Engaging with the students in an executive series class at FAU in Boca Raton was another awesome experience. Veronica shared a presentation on how to make the most Facebook Marketing, especially for nonprofit organizations and was pleased to receive feedback that she was an engaging and exciting speaker (and she felt the same way about her youthful audience!). She looks forward to returning for more classes in the future.

Florida Atlantic University

In August of 2018, Veronica met with local students who were pursuing their Master of Business Administration degrees at Florida Atlantic University. In their time spent together, she covered branding and why each and every one of them should be working towards developing their own personal brands. She helped many students understand why a brand is necessary in this day and age, and she broke down the fundamentals of how to reach their audience and tribe.

Radio Engagements

Though she loves to get out in front of an audience, V has not forgotten the world of radio and the power of voice. She has enjoyed several opportunities to be featured on a variety of radio shows and platforms. Something about speaking into that big microphone and wearing those headphones just makes you feel special, right?

Boca Chamber Radio

The Boca Chamber Radio Business Spotlight featured LoSoMo Inc., and founder Veronica had the chance to talk about what we do as a digital marketing agency. We want to make sure that what you are proud of gets the traffic it deserves. We mean it when we say, “We get it, so you don’t have to.”


Veronica had the pleasure of joining the team at WSBR 740 AM Moneytalk Radio for a discussion about the value of online marketing for businesses. Though we all know running a business isn’t all about the money, we can’t ignore that making money is a key part of a successful business. Online Marketing is key for growing your following, increasing traffic, and making more sales as a local business owner.

Podcast Interviews

V has had multiple opportunities to speak on different Podcasts. She loves to educate listeners when it comes to the more technical side of Marketing, but has so much to speak on when it comes to her own life experience. Whether it’s about her departure from the corporate world to start her own marketing agency, Google rankings and generating leads for businesses, or about crafting a personal brand… Well, V has done it all!

The Sales Evangelist:

Veronica recently spoke on Donald Kelly’s Podcast, The Sales Evangelist, and had more than a few insightful moments. She talked about the power of smartphones, mistakes that most people make with digital marketing, and what to look for in a marketing agency… the good and bad!

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Vera Shafiq Podcast:

Another recent podcast interview, done with Vera Shafiq, was a great chance for V to cover a few near and dear topics. She covered all the bases, from tips for marketing professionals looking to take their careers further, how to go about forming your own personal brand, and even the recent uproar about Facebook.

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